Anniversary Sale

Whitetail Deer are the most sought after game animal in America and whether you are after a once in a lifetime buck or filling your freezer, Nexgen Outfitters has the gear you need.  Plus it's the Anniversary of our Sidney location, so the deals might get CRAZY while we're distracted with a full-on deer party!  If you're late to sight-in your rifle, do that now and check out the rifle scopes from brands like Vortex, Riton, Leupold and Nikon that are specifically designed to catch more light when the deer are most active.  Lure in a distracted dominant buck with calls from Primos or Hunters Specialties and scientific attractants from Tink's or Code Blue.  Then seal the deal with quality ammo in stock from Hornady, Federal, Winchester and many more.  And finally check out field dress and processing equipment from Ourtdoor Edge, Havalon, and PS Seasonings to turn this year's harvest into mouthwatering table fare.  Shop our Anniversary Sale Now!