Even the highest quality brass firearm cartridges will become slightly longer due to the heat and pressure applied when firing.  We sell the best line-up of case sizing and case trimming tools and gauges to ensure your reloaded ammunition is safe, accurate and cycles flawlessly.  Quality case lubrication is key to this operation, but inevitably during your reloading experience you’ll also need a stuck case removal tool.  For those demanding the ultimate precision from your reloaded rifle rounds shop our selection of precise sizing dies, efficient brass trimmers, and meticulous chamfer or deburring gadgets.


Hornady’s Lock ‘n Load series features innovative and easy to use case sizing and trimming accessories.


We offer nearly 70 calibers of Lee Precision’s case length gauge which also doubles as a shell holder in the reloading process.


Browse an extensive line of Lyman’s handheld case trimmers, perfect for the first time reloader or those with limited budget.