Sierra MatchKing 1570 .243 Cal 107 gr HPBT Bullets-100cnt

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Matchking bullets are sierra's pre-eminent target bullets.The driving motivation for the design of each matchking bullet is accuracy.These bullets have very thin jackets drawn to an exacting concentricity standard of 0.0003 in maximum variation and their weight is held to within -+0.3 grain.All matchking have a hollow point design with a very small meplat for high ballistic coefficient.The majority of these bullets have a boat tail shape to further minimize drag and improve ballistic coefficient.Although some of these bullets have been used for hunting, sierra recommends them only for target shooting.

Bullet Type: Hollow Point Boat Tail (HPBT)
Bullet Diameter: .243
Weight: 107 gr
Bullet Caliber: 6mm
Jacket Material: Copper
Bullet Tip Material: Hollow Point
Core Material: Lead
Cannelure: No
Sectional Density: .259
Quantity: 100
Recommended Usage: Target
Model Number:
Gauge or Caliber:
.243 Cal
Bullet Type:
MatchKing HPBT
Bullet Weight:
107 gr
Bullet Diameter:
Ballistic Coefficient:
.547 at 2500 fps and above .542 between 1800 and 2500 fps .529 between 1600 and 1800 fps .519 at 1600 fps and below
Lead Free:
Sectional Density: