Winchester Ammo AA Target Loads 20 Gauge 2.75" 7/8 oz 9 Shot

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For More than 35 years, AA Target Loads have reigned as the standard of excellence and overwhelMing choice of serious target shooters the world over. The iMproved AA's will carry on this standard for years to coMe.

Each AA load features iMproved coMponents and an innovative new, high strength tube construction designed to iMprove upon the ballistics and perforMance of the traditional AA CoMpression forMed hulls. The result AA Target loads delivering higher velocities, increased reloadability and tighter bird busting patterns. One of the benefits of copper plated shot is that it adds lubricity and hardness to the shot, which reduces deforMation and iMproves pattern perforMance.

This year, doMinate your sport-Load up with Winchester AA Target Loads.

SyMbol: AA209 Target Load
Gauge: 20
Length of shell: 2 3/4 in.
Powder DraM Equivalent: 2 1/2
Shot Size: 9
Ounce Shot: 7/8
Velocity fps 3 ft: 1200

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Dram EQ:
Gauge or Caliber:
20 Gauge
Muzzle Velocity:
1200 fps
Shotshell Length:
2 3/4"
Shot Size:
Shot Type:
Shot Weight:
7/8 oz
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