Buck Bourbon Appletini Lquid Mineral and Deer Attractant

Buck Bourbon
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  • Field proven Liquid mineral by Salt River Outfitters
  • Infused with special Candy Appletini flavor
  • Proprietary liquid deer mineral blend
  • 1 Gallon jug with easy carry handle
  • Made in the USA

Options are important, and as hunters time is limited. Buck Bourbon knows that all hunters have different needs, different availability of time and live in different terrains.  That’s why they developed a liquid mineral. Candy Appletini was designed to give a hunter another option to use our products in a different way.  It’s no secret that liquid soaks into the soil faster and gives off a powerful scent so our liquid mineral is perfect for establishing a mineral site as fast as possible. Pour Candy Appletini on the ground, Pour it over a Mineral Block, Mix it On The Rocks, on a stump, or even over your corn pile.  Just use it anywhere in the country for incredible attracting scent and all the nutritional benefits your herd needs throughout the year.