Buck Bourbon On The Rocks Granular Deer Mineral-5lb

Buck Bourbon
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  • Field Proven Deer Mineral by Salt River Outfitters
  • Infused with Highly Attractive Pink Sea Salt
  • Proprietary Trace Mineral Blend for the Whole Herd
  • Perfect Quantity for Each Mineral Site
  • Made in the USA

Buck Bourbon On the Rocks Granular Deer Mineral is our unique blend of minerals and pink sea salt. Coupled with our proprietary flavoring, this delicious deer mineral is an extremely attractive and beneficial mineral that the deer will crave. It is designed with the perfect amount of trace minerals for each site to optimize the health of your entire herd. Just clear the ground of debris, pour on the ground, and watch the horns grow to their full potential. This nutritious mineral comes in a 5 lb. pouch with an easy tear off top. Feed Responsibly!