Cajun Fish Stick RTF Bowfishing Recurve Package RH

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  • Preconditioned Surface
  • Full range of hens pitch and tone
  • Includes: Hardwood Striker, Conditioning Pad, Abrasive Sandpaper

This package and take-down design has what you need to hit the water and start stick'n. The Fish Stick is the choice for everything froM big CoMMons in the North to Gator Gar in the swaMps. Its high-grade aluMinuM riser and coMposite liMbs will stand up to all the abuse bowfishing doles out.

  • 45# draw weight.
  • AluMinuM riser.
  • Take-down liMbs.
  • 56"tip to tip length.
  • Kryptek caMo.
  • Recurve bow.
  • DruM reel w/ 50' of 80# line.
  • Roller rest.
  • Arrow w/ Piranha point.
  • Blister Buster finger pads.
  • Mounting holes.
  • Right Hand Only.
Accessories Included:
Drum reel w/ 50' of 80# line.
Sub Category:
Bowfishing Bows